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for effective direction...

Strategic Planning...

        * Everyone has DREAMS and VISIONS that they would like to see come to life. Some people are effective at moving in the direction of their vision...are you?  

        * Does the unending pressure of running your organization leave you unable to...

        - get your dreams and visions down in writing?

        - develop goals around them?

        - form effective goal teams?

        - review progress?

        - make required mid-course corrections?

        - deliver intended critical results?

        * You must ask yourself do I want to...fix this today?

        * You may not have this exact pressure...

        - you may be starting up a new venture/mission and want to get off to a clear and clean start

        - you may have a smooth running operation but would like to see major increase

GreenLite can help!!!

Implementing an effective strategic planning solution will ease this pressure. We will lead you through a planning process of clear steps you and your entire team can understand and follow. You will see immediate and measurable progress toward your unique and powerful vision. We have the experience to remove obstacles that confuse or complicate. You will build a comprehensive, logical and effective map to your critical results and desired destination.

“Jerry set up a process with stake holders that gave us clear understanding of our works focus. He then provided leadership to develop a strategic plan and walked it through to implementation. He helped give life and direction to our mission.”

Jim Eney (International Foundation)

Responses to Planning...

There are action fanatics ...their mantra is “just do it” don't waste time with planning or process just get out there and get it done!!

Others are process nerds …they get too deep into every single one of the details!!

GreenLite says ...

use JUST enough details and LITE planning steps to know:

        - “who” all is involved

        - “what” are we trying to accomplish

        - “where” will this take place

        - “when” will this happen

        - and “why” are we doing this

Then the “how” steps will take you to your intended critical results!! 

Just doing it…will not get the results you were intending.

Are you in need of this kind of help??

Consider having us complete at NO COST to you our

Strategic Planning Process Survey. This will give

a sense of how much pressure we can relieve!!!

call or email today - your initial consultation is free

GreenLite Consulting, LLC

Jerry Drachenberg - Managing Member

Benefits of using GreenLite...

                   GreenLite Planning offers solutions...


        - are Lite simple to create and easy to use

        - evolve from a process not just an event

        - involve both breakthroughs and improvements

        - will document the plan, action steps, goal teams and

        regular reviews to provide the intended results

        - will allow for quick adjustments and/or

        mid-course corrections

                     GreenLite is different - we are...

        - Lite on your time involvement

        - Lite on your financial cost

        - Heavy on your results

                   Plans do not sit on the shelf...

Because we are involved with you all the way through plan development, implementation and progress reviews, you will not be left behind with a plan that just sits on the shelf.  

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